We are a full-service professional IT firm
providing our clients with the latest web and cloud technologies.

Wed Development & Programming

Responsive interactive designs - all platforms.

SQL Database Design

Automated, data-driven web sites with an SQL database.

Cloud Computing
Web Hosting

Operate your business on secure Microsoft Azure or Rackspace clouds.

Web/Print Graphic Design - Video

A graphic representation of your company's vision.

Educational Training & Test Design

We design online training, survey, and testing sites.

Ecommerce / ebook Publishing

Sell your products and ebooks on the web.

Our Skills

A diversity of skills allow us to to meet all of your IT needs. We are Microsoft Certified System Engineers and Developers (MCSE), programmers,  creative designers, educational testing experts, and MBA's. Collectively we have 82 years of professional experience at the corporate and government level.

      IT Experience (Web, Programming, Database)

60 Years

      Educational Testing, Design / Surveys

47 Years

       Multimedia & Graphice (Web and Print)

10 Years

      Total Years of Professional Experience

82 Years

Why should your business move to the Cloud?

No office restrictions

You and your staff can logon and conduct business from any location that has an internet connection, just as you would sitting in your corporate office. With our dynamic web sites, you can view, add or edit web content,  review business, and accounting  information,  and interface with staff, clients, customers, and vendors.

With Rackspace an Microsoft Azure, your Cloud has the highest level of security in the industry. Advanced firewalls and Intrusion Detection (IDS), and daily backups make your data secure and protected. Production clouds provide 99.99% production platform uptime guarantees, experienced webscale engineers to support your cloud, and include application performance monitoring for online applications that meet certain criteria.
No Office re
Purchasing and maintaining hardware and software can be a major investment for any company. A survey by CDW stated:

"In fact, organizations implementing or maintaining cloud computing point to increased efficiency (55 percent), improved employee mobility (49 percent), increased ability to innovate (32 percent) and freeing current IT staff for other projects (31 percent) as the top benefits. Reduced IT operating costs come in fifth on the list of benefits (25 percent)."
Your Cloud will seamlessly expand to meet your growing business needs. Scalability is "the ability on the part of software or hardware to continue to function at a high level of performance as workflow volume increases, and on short notice. "You only pay for the resources you use!"

Government & Corporate Contracts